Alibaba Aims to Lead the Way in IP Protection

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba announces ambitious plans to become the world number
one in online intellectual property (IP) protection. Mike Evans, president of Alibaba, has
expressed his belief in the importance of IP protection if a company is to succeed as an
online marketplace. The counterfeit trade has been on a steady rise for the past few years
and online shopping has only fuelled its growth. E-commerce platforms battle with
counterfeiters on a daily basis, and Evans claims he dedicates almost 30% of his workday to
IP protection related matters.                                                                                                                          
Just over two years ago the firm created the Alibaba Anti-counterfeiting Alliance (AACA), in
order to target this issue more efficiently. During 2018, the AACA managed to shut down
over 500 counterfeit manufacturers and distributors and seized over half a billion US dollars’
worth of counterfeit products from third party vendors.                                                                                  
According to Evans, the company has come a long way since creating the AACA and cites the
use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), data, and technology as a vital success factor in keeping up
with the ever evolving counterfeiting methods. Close collaboration with brand owners,
authorities and industry experts has also been key to carrying out IP protection strategies
and keeping counterfeiters at bay. Besides protecting consumers and rights holders, these IP
protection efforts have also significantly improved Alibaba’s reputation as well as its
relationship with stakeholders.


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