INTA Conference Highlights AI Anticounterfeiting Opportunities

The International Trademark Association (INTA) held its annual May meeting, the largest gathering of the organisation’s members, in Boston this year and one of the hot topics of the conference was the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in combatting online infringement.

The speakers, Google’s Annabelle DanielVarda and Amazon’s Stephen Coates among others, discussed important developments in online infringement such as the use of social media to advertise counterfeits and the utilisation of apps to access user information, to reach and take advantage of brand owners’ devices and to potentially co-opt consumers’ own devices through said apps.

One of the keys to stopping counterfeiters in their tracks has been the integration of AI in companies’ brand and consumer protection strategies. DanielVarda explains that AI in the form of machine learning can simplify the process of detecting ads for counterfeit products. This can be used effectively in detecting ads for counterfeits in search engine results, an area heavily targeted by counterfeiters of late.

Stephen Coates recommends immediate take-downs of suspected knock-off products and vendors, relying on AI instead of carrying out long and tedious test buys to determine whether a product is indeed a fake. Naturally, time is of the essence when it comes to shutting down fraudsters in order to limit the damage done as much as possible.


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