USTR Study Exposes Worst Piracy Offenders

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has published its 2018 Out-of-
Cycle Review of Notorious Markets, an annual report on piracy and developments within the
anti-piracy industry. The review reveals positive outcomes of recent anti-piracy action taken
by the US; however, it also demonstrates that online piracy is very much alive and the report
specifies the ways in which piracy negatively affects US citizens and businesses. Anti-piracy
services offered by the private sector as well as measurements taken by governments and
authorities help restrict offenders and are vital in the fight against intellectual property (IP)
The report has outed numerous websites deemed to be repeat offenders. Within the music
piracy industry, sites such as MP3juices, NewAlbumReleases and MP3VA were listed by the
USTR as MP3 download hubs. Although companies such as Spotify and Pandora Radio, which
offer legal music streaming, have helped to decrease the amount of music piracy currently
occurring, it remains a huge issue for creative innovators around the globe.                                                       
Besides music piracy, the report also exposed video game cheat sites, sports streaming sites,
e-book download sites and many more. Besides revealing notorious offenders, the report
also stated that many efforts to stop known offenders had been successful, with 123movies
and YouTube-MP3 being taken down from the internet. However, many are still operating,
and the demand for anti-piracy services continues to grow as companies and trademark-
holders seek the most effective ways to protect their creations.

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