Newcastle to Host the Next ACG IP Roadshow

The ACG, or the Anti-Counterfeiting Group, is a UK-based organisation that works alongside different government and law enforcement agencies with the common goal of putting an end to counterfeiting and piracy. The group organises several events throughout the year that aim to highlight important issues concerning counterfeiting, as well as provide training about the subject. One of these initiatives is the ACG IP Roadshow. March 14th will see enforcement delegates, such as police and customs officers, unite with ACG members in Newcastle, UK, with intellectual property as the main focal point of the exhibition.

The ACG IP Roadshow tours the UK and Ireland in a bid to further educate enforcement officers about the constantly evolving piracy and counterfeit goods trade and officers are therefore invited to attend free-of-charge. At the roadshow, ACG member companies and brands exhibit their products alongside counterfeit versions, and inform enforcement delegates about the differences between the two and how to detect a fake. Visitors can also listen to industry experts provide knowledge about the latest tactics and strategies of counterfeiters, and how to prevent these.

The roadshows are open to ACG members and enforcement delegates only and are a way for the ACG to keep key members of the industry informed about the latest updates in counterfeiting, piracy and intellectual property, while also providing a forum for exchanging ideas and networking.



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