IP Protection Remains an Important Issue for US-Chinese Relations

China. On the one hand, an extremely attractive market for companies looking to expand their business internationally, yet on the other, the world’s biggest source of, and market for, counterfeit goods. Foreign companies and authorities have long complained about the lack of IP protection provided by the Chinese Government, as well as the sea of counterfeit products causing havoc for brand owners; however, in recent years, more ambitious measures have been taken to clean up the Chinese marketplace.                                                                         
A survey conducted by the American Chamber of Commerce in China (AmCham China) shows that US companies hope for an improved business environment within Chinese borders, with augmented IP protection among the main focal points. The majority of US companies surveyed saw China as one of their top priorities for foreign investment, however, longstanding issues such as the counterfeit goods trade and poor enforcement within the industry cause hesitation and scepticism.                                                                                            
While the nation’s counterfeit goods industry is a significant matter of concern for foreign companies looking to establish themselves in China, business owners acknowledge the fact that the country’s IP protection has improved significantly over the past five years.



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