China Upgrades its IP Enforcement

The Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China has established a new Food and Drug Related Crime Investigation Bureau to deal with the nation's criminal investigations concerning intellectual property (IP). Besides food and drugs, the bureau will oversee forest resources, the ecological environment, bio-safety, counterfeiting and intellectual property rights.

Counterfeiting rates in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry is rising rapidly and the Chinese government is right to be concerned. Imitations of food and pharmaceutical products rarely comply with international health and safety standards and are unlikely to undergo any testing whatsoever. Any counterfeit product that people consume should be cause for great concern as these can result in sickness and even death.

The new bureau will allow a more centralised management of IP infringements, counterfeit drugs and of counterfeit FMCG. The Chinese state hopes the new set-up will result in more efficient control and enforcement of counterfeiting and IP laws, a much needed change in the Chinese economy, well-known as the global counterfeiting capital.

The trade of counterfeit goods is spreading and will only be stopped by a holistic solution involving all members of the economy, including consumers. Yellow Brand Protection has initiated a social media campaign, #ImForReal, in order to help vendors of authentic products identify themselves whilst simultaneously raising awareness about the dangers and downsides of buying counterfeit goods. Read more about the campaign here.


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