What does Brexit mean for IP Rights?

Brexit and IP Rights - UK Parliament by David Dilbert

With Brexit getting ever closer, there are many brands around the world watching and wondering what will happen to Intellectual (IP) Rights.

A group of IP professionals from the UK (CIPA, Law Society, the IP Bar, CITMA and the IP Federation), teamed up and submitted a joint note to various departments in the UK government about their concerns pre and post Brexit in terms of IP Rights. The note addressed what the government should do to ensure continuity and certainty after the UK leave the EU. It highlights five key areas where action is needed to protect “the considerable economic benefits from registering and using IP under EU laws and systems”.

  • Continuation of EU-derived IP rights 
  • Unitary Patent / Unified Patent Court Agreement 
  • Exhaustion of rights 
  • Rights of representation 
  • Mutual recognition of judgments. 

If the impact of the potential outcomes on IP Rights after Brexit are of concern to you, Yellow Brand Protection thought this article on The Brand Protection blog is helpful as it summarises the five particular issues that the IP Professionals have focused on in the note. There is also a link to a fully copy of the note.