Happening in Brand Protection - January 2018

Yellow Brand Protection January news

Potential further global scope in identifying online INFRINGERS and Intellectual Property (IP) abuse.

With the notorious markets list published by the USTR and rebutted claims from Alibaba, it may spur online marketplaces to do even more to protect brand owners. This especially holds true as the European Commission has recently announced their intention to release a similar global ‘watch-list’, which will cover U.S. companies. Read our blog about these lists and their aims for brand owners and consumers.

What will Brexit mean for IP Rights?

If the impact of Brexit in protecting your IP rights is on your mind, discover the five key areas a team of UK IP professionals submitted to the UK government to address what they should be aiming for, with respect to intellectual property, pre- and post-Brexit.

EU JUDGEMENT restrictS online MARKETPLACE sales.

With a number of companies questioning the selling of their brand on online marketplaces, due to the enormity of counterfeiting, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has confirmed that luxury manufacturers can restrict sales of their products via online marketplaces. The judgment also contains helpful implications for non-luxury brand owners who wish to apply online marketplace restrictions on their authorised resellers. It means that some brand owners can operate tighter controls over where their goods are sold online without breaching EU competition law, and perhaps with a more aggressive online distribution strategy. Here is a summary of the EU Judgement and what it means for luxury & non-luxury brands in and outside the EU.

Could sand put an end to counterfeit goods?

That is what researchers from the University of Copenhagen are claiming, who have developed a technology that uses patterns of sand to mark goods as being authentic. Said to be ‘unhackable’, the scientist believe it is “the world’s most secure marking system, which could potentially end the counterfeiting of any product.” Want to know more? Follow this link.