Are you registered on the IP Crime Directory?

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If you haven’t already registered your brand on the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) IP Crime Directory, then we suggest you consider it as soon as possible.

Run by the City of London Police, the IP Crime Directory is an online portal which has been created to connect brand owners and global law enforcement in the fight against IP crime. Registering your brand on the directory can augment its protection on an international scale as the database is not constrained by political or geographical borders.

The secure ‘IP Rights’ database is accessed by front line law enforcement officers that are looking to take legal action against counterfeit products. Being registered on the portal means that these agencies can connect with you in ‘real-time’, even while out on operations to determine if an infringement is taking place. Agencies already registered are Interpol and Police forces, Customs and Government agencies from many countries in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. You can find which agencies are already involved on the City of London Police website.

Registration requires you to provide a Brand logo, contact details, a brand protection guide (if available) and details of the IP rights to be featured in the directory. This section should include all approved versions of the IP rights owned with a description and how and when each type is used. It is advised that the most commonly found counterfeit marks are incorporated so that a comparison can be drawn between the counterfeit and the genuine versions by including genuine marks such as size, space, typography and colour. Costs begin at £395 per annum and increase based on how many brands you register and the number of countries you choose to register in.  

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Don’t hesitate to contact Yellow Brand Protection if you have any questions or would like help with your registration.