How to report a fake on Mercadolivre

To achieve maximum impact in the battle against fake goods, counterfeits, trademark abuse, patent & design theft and brand confusion, be sure to report suspicious, unlawful and incorrect listings and posts without delay. The more accurate and detailed information you can provide the platform with, the faster they can respond.

To report a suspected fake on Mercadolivre, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in or register yourself on Mercadolivre.

Step 2: Report any suspicious listing directly on the website. Look out for the ‘Report’ link and then follow the platform’s instructions to report the suspected fake. As shown in the example below

Step 3: If your complaint is accepted, you can check back to make sure that the listing has been removed. If you see that a similar or identical product comes online again, please report it immediately. Repeating offenders receive warnings, penalties and/or are banned from certain platforms.

Example of where to report a suspected fake on Mercadolivre 

Example of where to report a suspected fake on Mercadolivre