Brand protection in the pharmaceutical industry

In 2012, numerous people died in Pakistan from drinking cough syrup. In the following year, some forty children in Paraguay were hospitalized. In these and tens of thousands of other cases, fake drugs were to blame. According to the World Health Organizations’ estimates, counterfeits account for around 10% of all drugs, and according to the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, fake drugs probably kill more than 250,000 children a year. This growing menace poses a serious threat not only to the health of those who buy and take medication, but also the companies that produce them. At Yellow Brand Protection, we have extensive knowledge of protecting brands in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Facts

Number of deaths per year

due to counterfeit drugs

1 million

How much the counterfeit problem

has grown by in the last two decades


Types of poison found in fake drugs:

Rat poison, metals, Household, products Unapproved drugs, and No drugs at all!

Internet – a major supplier of substandard drugs

Today, there are tens of thousands of sites openly selling unapproved and/or counterfeit drugs. In fact, according to a study by the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines, a massive 62% of medications sold online were counterfeit. Naturally, this is having disastrous consequences on legitimate brands. For Viagra, for example, there is an estimated annual sales loss of $2 billion. Has there ever been a more compelling case for brand protection?

Pharma industry - Medicine bottles

Counterfeits – a public health hazard

Illicit pharmaceuticals not only constitute a crime, they also pose a threat to public health. Some have the right ingredients but in the wrong doses. Others have the wrong active substance – or no active substance at all. What’s worse, they are helping to increase resistance to antibiotics, one of the greatest challenges facing global healthcare. Antimicrobial drugs, that have insufficient active ingredient, actually help disease-causing microbes to evolve so they develop resistance to treatment even with good-quality medications.

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How Yellow Brand Protection can help the pharmaceutical industry

At Yellow Brand Protection, we are well placed to help pharmaceutical companies to protect their brands - thanks to our global presence, proven online brand protection methodology, highly experienced team and ZERO, the most sophisticated search platform in the industry.

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Daniel Bennett

CEO, Yellow Brand Protection
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We take trust in our brand very seriously and we must be quick to take action against those who try to harm it. That is why we use Yellow Brand Protection as a strategic partner to efficiently and successfully tackle the problem of counterfeiting.

Global Head of Corporate Security in the Pharma Industry*

* Due to the sensitive matter with brand abuse many of our clients wish to remain anonymous

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