Visit us at the MIP Global Trademark Roadshow Visit us at the MIP Global Trademark Roadshow March 15th 2018, Convene 810 Seventh Ave, New York City

Meet Dwayne Perry and Morris Wilder in New York

Representing Yellow Brand Protection at the New York Managing Intellectual Property (MIP) Global Trademark Roadshow is Dwyane Perry, SVP Sales and Marketing, and new team member, Senior Account Executive, Morris Wilder, who will be ready to discuss your trademark and online anti-counterfeiting questions.

The 2nd annual MIP Trademark Roadshow will provide industry experts with an opportunity to hear about the interesting developments in global trademarks and elevate their knowledge of the marketplace through engaging talks, networking, and more.

Be sure to stop by our booth and meet the Yellow Brand Protection team and if you would like to know more about the dangers that may be associated with your brand, in terms of counterfeit and brand abuse online, order a free Brand Protection Status Report now, to discuss on the day. If you would like to reserve a meeting, please email the Yellow Brand Protection Marketing Manager with your request.

The 2nd MIP Global Trademark Roadshow is being held at Convene 810 Seventh Avenue, New York City on Thursday 15th March.  You can register for the event through the MIP events page.

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