Meet The Yellow Brand Protection Team At INTA Barcelona Meet The Yellow Brand Protection Team At INTA Barcelona May 20th-24th, Barcelona: Fira Gran Via

May 20th-24th, Barcelona: Fira Gran Via

The 2017 INTA annual meeting will be held at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain on May 20th-24th. Yellow Brand Protection will be in attendance as usual. Take the opportunity to meet CEO Daniel Bennett and Senior Vice President Dwayne Perry to discuss trends and opportunities within the Online Brand Protection area. Follow us on Twitter from the event. Send our Marketing Coordinator an e-mail to reserve an appointment. All attending participants at the event will receive a brand status report for free. The report will detail the risks to one of your key brands in terms of counterfeit and brand abuse online. Place your order here.

About INTA*

The International Trademark Association (INTA) is the global association of trademark owners and professionals dedicated to supporting trademarks and related intellectual property in order to protect consumers and to promote fair and effective commerce. Why are trademarks important?

INTA’s members are more than 6,700 organizations from 190 countries. INTA members collectively contribute almost US $12 trillion / €8.8 trillion / ¥73 trillion to global GDP annually. For comparison, the 2014 annual GDP of the top three markets was $10.4 trillion (China), $18.5 trillion (European Union) and $17.4 trillion (United States).

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