Value of Brand Protection

Our brand protection value model consists of four equally important aspects to consider: Lost Sales, Safety, Reputation and Sustainability.

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Lost sales

Through the removal of counterfeit goods and the use of efficient enforcement, Yellow Brand Protection helps reduce lost sales.

  • We create KPIs measuring the efficiency of Online Brand Protection based on our extensive experience and previous cases, combined with your industry expertise.
  • We create maximum value with as little spend as possible.
  • We guide you towards the right level of Online Brand Protection, whilst being as budget-efficient as possible.

Even though there are a number of different standard models to use to calculate lost revenue due to counterfeit and other IP infringements, there is no magic equation that is applicable for all brand owners and industries. But based on our extensive experience and previous cases, combined with your industry expertise, we can create KPIs measuring the efficiency of Online Brand Protection. Together, we are able to get a deeper understanding on what to expect bottom line, based on our estimation.

At Yellow Brand Protection we strive to give you the most value for your investment. Therefore, an important mission is to identify how we can create maximum value with as little spend as possible.



Yellow Brand Protection protects your brand reputation and preserves equity by ensuring authentic brand experiences.

  • Today, the intangible assets of a company often exceed the tangible ones.
  • The brand and its equity is by far a business' most valuable asset.
  • With this in mind, even a marginal reduction in Goodwill could have serious consequences for your balance sheet. 

Protecting your brand online helps stopping brand erosion, ensures that you meet quality expectations associated to your brand and gives you better market control regarding supply and demand.

The risk of your brand reputation being affected by counterfeits is real. It ranges from disappointed customers to accidents or even deaths. Faulty electronics, non active pharmaceuticals or dangerous toys can create negative PR, distrust in the brand and, most importantly, cause harm to people.

At Yellow Brand Protection we put your brand's reputation first. We believe that protecting your brand isn't only about lost sales and revenue. In the long-term, the loss of intangible assets is equally important.



An investment in Online Brand Protection is an investment in a better society, effectively reducing child labor and negative environmental impact.

  • Most companies have strategies in place regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability; some of the issues involved here are caused by counterfeit goods.
  • By working together with us, your brand can make a positive impact on our society.

Fighting environmental issues, child labor and unfair working conditions are important aspects of many responsible businesses and often a crucial part of company values. Counterfeit goods and unsafe copies are often the cause of many of these issues - manufactured completely without control or appropriate policies.

As an example, child laborers can be found in all stages of the supply chains, including agriculture, manufacturing and retail. But it doesn't stop there. The sale of counterfeit goods is, in some cases, contributing to criminal activity such as terrorism, drug trafficking and money-laundering. By fighting counterfeits and infringements we make it more difficult for these organizations to flourish.

With Online Brand Protection, we help your organization work towards greater sustainability beyond your own supply chain.



By stopping counterfeit goods from entering the market, Yellow Brand Protection protects consumers from potentially hazardous products.

  • Counterfeiting is no longer confined to just fashion. It can be found in pharmaceutical products, food, personal care, consumer electronics and even spare parts for cars.
  • Counterfeit goods not only hurts your brand and your business. They also cause harm to the consumers, who often buy the products with no knowledge of the associated risks.
  • Yellow Brand Protection work towards a cleaner and safer internet, where consumers can trust in what they buy.

The Internet gives consumers amazing opportunities to buy products online and find great deals. Unfortunately, the amount of counterfeit goods is continually increasing. The costs of buying counterfeit products aren't always obvious, but they are nevertheless very real.

Health and safety standards in counterfeits rarely meet requirements and the top three categories, seized by the U.S Customs and Border Protection in 2017, were personal care, pharmaceuticals, and consumer electronics. The consequences of unsafe counterfeits are very serious, causing harm to individuals and in some instances, even resulting in death.

That is why Yellow Brand Protection work towards a cleaner and safer internet and are led by our guiding principle - We Stop at ZERO.

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