Online Brand Protection

Specializing in tracking, analyzing and enforcing cases of IP infringement all over the world, we are dedicated to online brand protection in the short- and long-term. Our unique search platform - ZERO™ scours all online channels, including over 1,000 online marketplaces to idenfity and take-down key offenders.

That’s why WE STOP AT ZERO.


  • Software covering over 99% of all counterfeit worldwide sales
  • Automatic crawling of all leading market places (1000 sites)
  • Experts ensuring constant development of the system and process to meet changing demand and market structure
  • Integrating with marketplace and social media API
  • Extracting all key data from search listings


Technology, such as ZERO™, provides amazing tools when protecting a brand online – but it is no substitute for a trained eye. When it comes to spotting the tiniest details and recognizing typical behaviour patterns, experienced personnel are essential. For example, once sellers know they are being pursued, they change their behaviour. It takes human skills to track them.

People are also infinitely better at building relationships than machines. At Yellow Brand Protection, we have worked hard to establish a constructive dialogue with site owners, ISPs, payment providers and other interested parties (they have reputations to protect, too) to stop online infringment. Over the years, we have taken down over 10 million illegal listings on behalf of our clients, successfully re-directing revenue streams to where they belong. We keep a thorough record of our work, ensuring you have solid evidence if and when you need it. 

Find out more about our team, brand protection technology - ZERO™ and unique capabilities to help you catch the offenders and to protect your brand online.