App stores

All major indicators are pointing to a doubling of app users by 2021, and the global app economy reaching a worth of US$6.3 trillion. The downside to such explosive growth is that it attracts digital criminals hoping to make money off someone else’s good name.


Explosive growth

According to a report published by Comscore in 2016, digital media time across advanced economies had grown by more than 50% in the preceding three years, with almost 90% of that growth attributable to the app store. In just a few years, the number of app users has passed the two billion mark.

The fake app risks

As Christmas 2016 was approaching, digital scammers did their best to fool online shoppers with phony retail app stores. According to the New York Times, hundreds of fake app stores pretending to be well-known brands like Nordstrom, Jimmy Choo and Christian Dior started popping up. Users were asked for credit card information and Facebook passwords, leaving them wide open to fraud. As this example shows, the risks posed by fake app stores to unwitting users are significant. What is being done about it?

Flag, report and remove

Even though all leading markets have a review process, fake shopping apps still sneak through. That’s why key markets (App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and Blackberry World) provide an online form, allowing users to report suspected brand infringements. Following an investigation, the offending app is removed.

Yellow Brand Protection cannot emphasise enough how important it is for brand owners to monitor app stores on a continuous basis. To find out more please contact us at your nearest office location.