The Yellow Brand Protection team

Daniel Bennett Daniel Bennett CEO | View Daniel Bennett's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

Daniel Bennett has held chief executive and senior management positions in global software, consulting and online services firms across Europe, Asia and North America.

In the late 1990’s, Daniel was the UK founding partner of highly respected IP consulting firm Cogent IPC. He went on to launch the Digital Brand Services Division of Melbourne IT in the US, developing the company into a major global player. He has spent much of the last 10 years in the US, working in various executive positions within the Melbourne IT Group, before returning to the Digital Brand Services Division as Senior Vice President.

Daniel is considered one of the pioneers of the online brand protection industry in Europe. He is also a regular and passionate speaker on the evolving online threats to brand owners.

Daniel joined Yellow Brand Protection as CEO in 2014.

Dwayne Perry Dwayne Perry SVP Sales and Marketing, North America | View Dwayne Perry's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

Dwayne Perry has over 15 years experience building and leading top performing teams in the Brand Protection, Cyber Security, Domain Management and Brand Enforcement spaces. His first hand knowledge in the sector has resulted in numerous awards.

Prior to his most recent 3 years as the Director of Sales, Dwayne was the top Sales Executive for CSC Digital Brand Services for 8 continuous years. Beyond the professional objective accolades, Dwayne is best known for his long-standing relationships and his ability to inspire others to grow and succeed.

Dwayne is an active member with the INTA community and has most recently served as sub-chair on different leadership committees.

Dwayne joined Yellow Brand Protection in 2016 and is the Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing in North America.

Klas Karlsson Klas Karlsson Chief Operating Officer | View Klas Karlsson's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

An authority on user generated content, Klas Karlsson was formerly COO for Lunarstorm – one of the pioneering Nordic social media communities. Whilst at Lunarstorm, Klas was also board member of BitoS, the Ethics Council for Internet Security.

He subsequently took the position as CEO for Schottenius & Partners, an acting partner to start-ups. In the mid-2000’s Klas founded Interactive Security International. He is now chairman of the company.

Klas is a co-founder of Yellow Brand Protection and acted as CEO and business developer from its formation until 2014.

Vilhelm Schottenius Vilhelm Schottenius Chairman | View Vilhelm Schottenius's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

Vilhelm Schottenius has over 25 years of experience of building and refining international companies across a wide range of sectors. Notably, Vilhelm co-founded the hugely popular online Nordic community LunarStorm, as well as the publically listed fashion brand Björn Borg, where he remains one of the largest shareholders.

As well as being Chairman of Yellow Brand Protection, Vilhelm is a director of several other companies, where his talents in branding, international trade and online commerce are in high demand.

Jimmie Andersson Jimmie Andersson CTO | View Jimmie Andersson's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

Jimmie Andersson, has over 15 year experience in IT infrastructure and technology development.

Jimmie’s early career included working for the family business, where he developed a customised ERP which enabled rapid expansion from one to 15 department stores. Ultimately, his love of technology coupled with a strong entrepreneurial drive led him to co-found Yellow Brand Protection, where he drove the development of Yellow’s ZERO platform.

Jimmie is Yellow Brand Protection’s CTO, and he is based in Varberg, Sweden.

Linda Silberg Linda Silberg Operations Manager | View Linda Silberg's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

Linda Silberg has over 15 years experience of successfully leading teams to exceed client expectations. She joined Yellow Brand Protection as Operations Manager in 2013 and has since been active in building our international team. Linda has extensive knowledge in Intellectual Property regulations around the world.

Part of the multinational Yellow-team, Linda works in close collaboration with clients and partners across the globe. Her focus is on ensuring that clients’ problems are solved, and she is driven by the company motto – We Stop at Zero.

Zihan Liu Zihan Liu Asia Operations Manager | View Zihan Liu's LinkedIn profileLinkedIn

Zihan Liu is operations manager for the Asian market, mainly focusing on China. She is responsible for enforcement across Asia, including online market places and social media. Hailing from the city of Xi’an, China, she is a native Mandarin speaker (commonly known as Standard Chinese).

An expert on Chinese trademark law, Zihan has extensive knowledge in Chinese trademark protection, as well as in patent and other intangible assets.