The company

Yellow Brand Protection - Boston

Yellow Brand Protection is a leading global provider of online brand protection services. Leading because we believe our technology - ZERO™ - searches in more places than our competition. Leading because we believe we have the best local partnerships, in countries such as China, and Leading because our highly committed team remove an average over 94% of all unauthorized product listings on behalf of our clients.

unique capabilities

> The widest search reach on the market, covering 1000 online marketplaces worldwide including more than 200 in China.

> Worldwide team of expert analysts from over 15 countries that between them speak more than 20 languages.

> Enforcement success rate is currently over 94 per cent.

> By reducing online counterfeit sales, it helps to reduce counterfeit sales in the real world, which remains the utterly predominant distribution channel for retailers all over the world.

We Stop at Zero

Since our brand was established in 2010 we have been led by our guiding principle: "We Stop at ZERO". This simply means that we strive to remove ALL unauthorized listings of our clients’ products in online marketplaces, webshops and other key channels. In short, it is largely our team’s incredible motivation and connections that differentiates us from the rest of the market place. We genuinely believe that no client’s problems are too great to solve, and our team’s passion is fed by proven success and a deep commitment to making a real difference in the world.

Our clients report that we go way beyond others in the market. Some have confirmed an increase in traffic to their own websites throughout our campaign. Ultimately we strive to prove that effective anti-counterfeiting measures will increase sales of legitimate products.

If you would like us to demonstrate our capabilities, request for a free brand protection status report or a trial period. We are confident that you will be impressed because we will not give up until you are.

about corsearch

Corsearch Inc., is a global leader in trademark and domain solutions and has led innovation in trademark clearance and protection solutions for over 70 years. The foundation of the business was created by being first to market with game-changing workflow tools that provided high-quality solutions. The company’s highly-trained researchers, industry-leading technological innovations, first-rate strategic solutions and an expansive global content set merge seamlessly to provide a complete solution. Corsearch has many long-standing relationships with leading corporations, law firms and branding agencies around the world and has never lost sight of what matters most: their customers. In an industry built on an increasing reliance on technology, Corsearch is different > find out why.


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