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Yellow Brand Protection provides leading online anti-counterfeiting and brand protection services to brands all over the world. Covering global issues from the USA, UK, Sweden, France, Italy and China, the company protects its clients from counterfeiting, and all other forms of intellectual property (IP) infringement online.

Yellow Brand Protection has created the most innovative online brand protection program through a combination of our industry-leading technology - ZERO™ - and a professional service. The international team is incredibly dedicated to eradicating all online counterfeit activity for their clients and driven by the company’s guiding principle “We Stop at ZERO”. > The company 

 Yellow Brand Protection team

The team

The team at Yellow Brand Protection have significant experience in the online brand protection industry and are driven by the company motto We Stop At ZERO and the company Mission; A Cleaner Internet, A Better Society.

The analysts and enforcement experts are grouped into region-focused groups, based on their own national heritage so that language and culture are best utilized at a local level. New team members are recruited based on the evolving needs of our clients and the regions that are impacting them the most. Currently “Team Shanghai” is the largest China-based online brand protection team in the industry. Together, the team is covering over 15 world languages > The team


Yellow Brand Protection became part of the Corsearch family in November 2018. By joining forces, together we offer the industry a full-suite and forward-looking offering of brand protection services to support the creation, establishment, growth and protection of brands.  Find out more about Corsearch > The Company


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